Can drug addicts and alcoholics get disability benefits?

If you’ve suffered from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, or you know someone who has, then you already know the devastating effect it can have on your ability to live a full, normal life. Because of addiction, many people find it difficult to hold down a full-time job. In this situation, you might be wondering if a program like Social Security Disability (SSDI) could help you. You might be wondering, are there disability benefits for drug addicts?

Disability Benefits for Alcoholics and Drug Addicts

In short, the answer to this question is no. While there are benefits available for a great many things, an addiction problem like drugs or alcohol is currently not covered. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s no hope. While the addiction itself might not be covered – even though it has severely impacted your life – it’s possible that there are physical or mental side effects to your addiction that are, in fact, covered.

It is well-known that chronic drug use can cause damage to your mind and body. Even if you are finally able to break the addiction, these impairments might never go away. It’s these conditions that SSDI might still be able to cover. While the SSA no longer carries a specific list of drug-related conditions that qualify, you can still apply for SSDI benefits if you can show you suffer from any of these long-term conditions. This list of conditions includes, but is not limited to, brain damage, liver damage, gastritis, pancreatitis, peripheral neuropathy, seizures, depression, anxiety disorder, or personality disorder.

To be considered eligible, however, the same conditions apply as for anyone applying to receive benefits. You must first be able to prove that you suffer from this condition. This is done through the submission of medical records and documents. You must also be able to show that this is a long-term condition (lasting for at least 12 months) and that it has severely impacted your ability to work or make money – in fact, your income can not exceed the limit of $1,170 per month.

This information is crucial if you are going to build your case, and it is vital that you keep thorough and complete records. Once you have them, you file your claim like everyone else and wait for an answer.

So, while there might not be specific disability benefits for drug addicts, you can still qualify for SSDI payments under certain conditions. If you would like to know more, please contact us today.


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