Disability Benefits After a Stroke

by Clauson on August 3, 2017

Suffering a stroke is a very traumatic event that can prevent your ability to work. At this point, you need to look into the specifics for qualifying for Social Security disability benefits. The Disability Living Allowance for stroke in the United Kingdom was phased out in the last few years and replaced by a new Personal Independence Payment. The original DLA can still be claimed by children under 16.

Disability Benefits After a Stroke

Social Security disability benefits will apply if you’re in the United States. There are a few factors that go into this qualifications, so it’s important to know the process to have the greatest chance of your case being accepted.

How to qualify for Social Security disability benefits for a stroke:

Check the bluebook.
You need to check the bluebook to verify that your condition qualifies for benefits. Depending on the affects of the stroke, this could be listed in a few different areas. In section 11.04 it pertains to the affects of a stroke on the central nervous system. This requires that your ability to write or speak is lost or severely impaired or that you have problems controlling movements with at least two of your extremities.

If your vision is affected, you’ll need to reference Sections 2.02, 2.03 or 2.04. You may have suffered hearing loss as a result of a stroke. Is this is the case, then you need to look at Section 2.10 for specifics. You may be covered in Section 12.00 for mental disorders. A stroke can cause cognitive loss and brain damage, so you may be covered here instead.

This is where a doctor will come in very useful because this professional will be able to interpret the requirements and where your specific symptoms fit. This person will be able to tell you if you qualify under an existing listing or if you’ll need additional steps.

Provide medial documentation.
You must provide medical documentation in order to back up the specifics of your condition and show that it qualifies for Social Security disability benefits. A lawyer will also help you determine if your condition qualifies for an already listed condition and help you move forward in the process.

Although the disability living allowance after stroke no longer applies, you can find other things to help you going forward. Contact us with any questions.


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