Motorcycle Accidents and Disability Benefits

by Clauson on July 27, 2017

When you’re in a motorcycle accident, it can be a very jarring and difficult experience. You may sustain a disability from this accident and wonder what the specifics are for Social Security disability benefits in regards to this.

Motorcycle Accidents Disability Benefits

The answer depends on the extent and specifics of your injuries. You may be able to qualify for Social Security benefits. You may wonder what your motorcycle accident payouts or motorcycle accident compensation amounts will be. This depends on a few factors, but you first must qualify.

How do I qualify for Social Security disability benefits?

• Your medical condition needs to be on the list.
The SSA has a list of medical conditions that qualify for Social Security benefits. Your official diagnosis needs to be on this list.

• These are some possible impairments that may occur as the result of a motorcycle accident.
Cerebral trauma, soft tissue injury, amputation, spinal disorder, different fractures, anxiety-related disorders or another condition that matches one on the list will qualify.

• You must provide medical documentation.
In order to qualify for disability benefits for any condition, you must provide adequate medical documentation. This must include your official diagnosis and why your condition prohibits you from working. Also, make sure to include all tests and hospital visits.

How much will my motorcycle accident payouts or motorcycle accident compensation amounts be?

• Payments are not based on a specific disability.
The specific medical condition does not determine the disability benefits. There are other factors that go into the exact payments amounts.

• It is based on something else.
Once you win your disability case, the monthly payments are based on a different factor. The amount you paid into Social Security affects how much you receive.

• Your monthly payments can be affected by additional factors.
These additional factors are things such as Medicare coverage and taxes. These things could reduce your payments.

• You may be able to receive backpay.
Depending on your application date, you may be able to receive backpay for your motorcycle accident payout.

In order to determine your motorcycle accident compensation amounts, you need to know how much you’ve paid into Social Security. Before worrying about the exact amount, you will need to prove that your medical condition qualifies for disability benefits. Contact us with any questions about your specific circumstances and how to move forward with your case.


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