What Services do Social Security Lawyers Provide?

If you find yourself in a situation where you think receiving disability benefits can be helpful to you, your first step should be contacting a disability lawyer. There is no question that working with a legal representative gives you the best chance of having your claim accepted. If you are apprehensive about working with a disability lawyer, take a look at all the benefits you can gain from doing so.

Communicates with medical providers
When you hire a disability attorney, he or she will be the primary point of contact for your medical providers. Often doctors and other healthcare staff are more willing to speak with attorneys regarding information that is relevant to a disability claim than they are to the patient. So, working with an attorney can help to assure the medical records and other pertinent medical evidence that are needed to prove your case will be obtained more quickly.

Uses medical evidence appropriately
The success of your disability case is largely dependent on the medical evidence that is provided. Not only do disability attorneys know what evidence to obtain, they know exactly how to use it to gain the best results for their clients.

Prepares you for the hearing
When you apply for disability benefits, you will be required to have a hearing in front of a judge who will determine your eligibility. Your disability attorney will spend a great deal of time preparing you for the hearing so you will know what to expect. One of the most important ways your attorney will prepare you for the case is by going over key questions the judge will ask during the hearing. Your attorney will also help you prepare your answers for these questions so you will not be flustered in front of the judge.

Arranges witnesses
The judge will also listen to witnesses who testify on your behalf during the hearing. Your attorney will arrange for the witnesses to appear at the hearing and will also prepare them for questioning before they go before the judge. If your attorney believes the testimony of your witness will not be helpful to your case, that witness will not be used. Your attorney may also ask others who are familiar with your condition, such as caregivers and former employers, to write letters on your behalf to show to the judge.

Speeds up the process
Having a disability attorney will also help to speed up your case. Since disability attorneys know this area of law so well, they can easily and quickly gather all of the information that will be needed. Also, having a lawyer increases your chances of being approved the first time you submit your claim, so there is less likelihood of having to go through a lengthy appeals process.

If you are ready to apply for disability benefits, contact the Clauson Law Firm today. We can help you get the benefits you deserve.


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