Social security disability insurance benefits can be complicated. Things can seem even more complicated when you have a disabled child and determining what you can do to help them with getting the financial help that they need because of their condition. There is a program that will keep your child on your SSDI account even if they are over the age of a minor. This information will help you to do what’s best for your child.

Social Security Disability Insurance for Children
Adults that were disabled since childhood are able to qualify for social security disability insurance under your earnings. This means that your child was disabled after 18, but before they turned 22, and are considered under your social security disability as long as the following conditions exist. One or both of the parents must be currently receiving retirement or disability benefits through social security, or one or both of the parents must have passed away while having earned enough work credits during their lifetime to actually qualify for social security themselves.

Determination Rules

Although your child will be considered a child on your earnings record through social security disability insurance, they are not actually a child, so the determination rules will be based on what an adult will have to go through when it comes to eligibility. This means that they have to qualify under the definition of disability for adults.

How Long Do Benefits Continue For?

The social security disability insurance benefits that your disabled child receives will continue until they are no longer disabled. They will not age out, and since they are already under the adult eligibility, there will be no changes here as some children under SSI have to apply once they become 18.

Additional Support

Under SSDI, your disabled child will be eligible for some additional support. This includes work expenses, training, rehabilitation, and Medicare. Be sure to ask more about these benefits during the process.

Still feel a bit confused on how SSDI will work in your particular situation for your child? The Clauson Law Firm can help with your questions and assist you in determining whether your child will qualify under this program. There are a lot of working parts that go into this considering that this takes both parents into account, and they have to qualify for disability under the adult guidelines.

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There’s no doubt about it: applying for Social Security disability benefits is a difficult process, and one that can often be confusing at times. Although a lot of information is available online at as well as in person at your local Social Security office, you will always have questions, and unfortunately, you may only find out the answers to these questions once it’s too late and you have already filed an application. That’s why it pays to have great disability representation at your side throughout the entire process — so you can ask questions, get the answers you need and feel confident that you have a winning case.

A disability attorney will be there for you whenever you are feeling confused or unsure about the process, whether you have a procedural question or simply want a professional opinion on what chances your claim has of being approved. And at any time that you’re feeling stressed or nervous during the time that you’re applying for disability benefits (which can be often, especially if you have the pressures of a medical condition to deal with as well), your attorney will be there to help put your fears to rest.

Then there’s the fact that often, you not only don’t know how to fill out disability paperwork but simply don’t have the time or energy to. The one thing you should be concentrating on is getting better and living your life, and it’s difficult to do this if you’re always having to follow up with doctors or meet paperwork deadlines. Let your disability representation take over for you instead, and you can have time to take care of what really matters to you. Plus, disability representatives have years (and often decades) of experience in the field of disability law — meaning that you can be sure your claim has the best possible chance of being approved.

Perhaps most importantly, your attorney will be there for you throughout the appeals process, which can be even more stressful than filing an initial claim. You’ll want representation so that if the case gets a hearing before a judge, you can sit back and relax knowing that your attorney will argue on your behalf and do their absolute best to win your case.


Social security disability is a process that’s set up for people to be able to apply for benefits on their own without legal advice and seems on the surface to be a rather straightforward process. For some Americans, it is a rather simple process of filling out the application, submitting the information provided by doctors about a disability, and having the application for disability benefits approved the first time around. This is not always the case, and for those people that are struggling to get their social security disability application approved a lawyer may be the answer to getting the help needed. Social security and disability lawyers can go hand in hand in moving your case forward.

Benefits of Using a Disability Lawyer

The main benefit of using a disability lawyer when going through the application process is that you can rely on them to give you the right information about the process. A lawyer familiar with social security is going to let you know about the appeals process, writing a dire need letter, evidentiary rules for establishing your disability, and more that you may not be aware of if you go through this process alone. Experience with past cases can help inform them on what route you need to take with your social security claim.

Tips for Finding the Best Disability Lawyer

There are a few things that you want to look for in a disability lawyer to ensure that you’re getting the best assistance possible. The first is that you want to find a lawyer that has had experience in representing other clients seeking social security disability benefits with similar disabilities as your own.

Be sure to ask questions, and determine if you will get effective representation from this lawyer. For instance, how quickly do they return phone calls or schedule appointments? Most lawyers representing disability cases are busy because of the number of people seeking benefits, but you want someone who will be accessible as well as knowledgeable. Don’t be shy about getting referrals either.

Don’t give up hope if you are in the group of Americans that are having a hard time getting your disability application approved. A lawyer can help to lay out the path that you need to take to get approved and fight for you when it comes to the appeals process. Moving forward may seem hard, but it can be easier when you get the advice you need from an experienced lawyer.

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The Social Security disability system can be difficult to navigate, especially if you are dealing with an injury or condition that has put you out of work or reduced your ability to earn a living. When you are trying to focus on healing and getting back out into society, the last thing you want to do is worry about how to take care of the paperwork you need to earn disability benefits – or how to argue your case in court if your benefits are denied. That’s why so many people turn to a disability representative to help them understand how to work within the system to get the benefits that they deserve. However, how can you know if you need representation?

Do You Need Help

The first step is to understand what a representative can do for you. A Social Security disability attorney will start out by guiding you through the process, so you can understand if you are eligible, what kind of benefits you might be able to receive, what kind of paperwork you need to begin, how you will show the SSA that you are disabled and need benefits, and what your next steps will be if your application is denied (as many are). The attorney will then take the necessary steps of filing the paperwork for you, gathering evidence from any hospitals, physicians, or treatment centers who can show proof that you have a disabling condition, and communicating with the local branch of the SSA on your behalf. Your attorney will also represent you in court if your case makes it to a hearing upon appeal.

There are several different criteria that may indicate whether you need representation. First, if you are unfamiliar with the Social Security disability application, are unsure where to start, or don’t know what is expected of you, call a representative – even an initial consultation can help immensely, as the attorney can explain many concepts to you that you may not have understood before. Second, if you are unsure whether your claim will hold up in front of a disability claims inspector, you should consult an attorney to figure out what the best strategy is moving forward. Finally, if you are working through health issues (related to your disability or not), you should concentrate your energy on getting better – and let a disability representative take care of the difficult work of filing for disability benefits for you.


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